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Neue Werkstatt

Beitragvon Elvis » 26. Feb 2005, 16:23

We die DML liest weiß bescheid, wer nicht - hier die neueste Info bezüglich Delorean-Werkstätten weltweit. Der neue Eigentümer des Protoyps eröffnet demnächst sein eigenes Service-Center in Florida.

Tony Ierardi - ein Name den man sicherlich in Zukunft öfters hören wird:

For all the years since the demise of the original DMC, the DeLorean
community has needed more regional service centers. There are several
regions of the country that have enough owners to support a full-time,
dedicated service facility.

The Southeastern United States is one of those regions. In response to
this demand, Tony Ierardi is opening the first new, DeLorean-exclusive
service center since 1988 next week in South Florida.

Tony is a longtime DeLorean owner and enthusiast. His opening of DMC
(Florida) and will provide DeLorean owners in the Florida, Georgia,
Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and the Carolinas with the ultimate in
quality parts, service, restoration and sales.

"We've been approached many times over the years by individuals and
companies who want to become DeLorean parts sellers - usually Internet
parts sellers - and our response has always been that the DeLorean hobby
needs more service centers, not parts dealers," said Stephen Wynne,
president of DeLorean Motor Company (Texas).

"When Tony came to us last year wanting to open a DeLorean service
center, we knew that we had a winning combination. There are large
number of DeLorean's in the southeastern U.S., particularly in Florida,
and we're quite pleased by the positive reactions from owners who have
received advance notice of the opening," Wynne concluded.

The owner of three DeLoreans, including a concours winner, a daily
driver and the only known surviving prototype, Tony has had a long love
affair with the DeLorean and the story behind it.

"I bought my first DeLorean, which was still new and untitled at the
original dealer in 1994, but first saw a DeLorean in 1981, when I was
13. The dream stuck in my head, and it's been a passion ever since,"
Tony said today.

"We've put together a beautiful, brand-new facility for DeLorean owners
to send or bring their cars, and have spent a great deal of time
undergoing intensive training in the idiosyncrasies of the DeLorean with
the crew in Houston. Whether it be routine service, body repair or a
full-restoration, we're ready to take care of the DeLorean owners in the
region," Tony said.

Other regions are under consideration for expansion, as well. The North
Central U.S., Pacific Northwest and/or Northern California are the most
likely candidates for new DeLorean service facilities.

As the world's largest source for new, new old stock, and reproduction
DeLorean parts, it makes sense that DMC (Texas) is also the largest
service and restoration facility as well. Based in suburban Houston, DMC
(Texas) also sells remanufactured and pre-owned DeLoreans worldwide.

For more information, contact:
Tony Ierardi
DeLorean Motor Company (Florida)
9786 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 4
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

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