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Driven - Delorean Film

Verfasst: 13. Sep 2018, 19:53
von Elvis
Neulich wurde in Venedig der Film über JZD präsentiert: ... 202458925/

Von Facebook geklaut:

Attended the North American Premiere of “Driven” (The John DeLorean Movie) the other night at the
Toronto International Film Festival. Liberties were taken with the actual details of the set up to the sting
operation but that’s understandable given the story needed a point of view.
The portrayal of John DeLorean was surprisingly fair, and I was glad to see that the film makers stressed
his desire to keep the Dunmurray workers employed as a reason for his search for “alternate financing”.
Unfortunately no mention was made about the threats to his family that ultimately made him attend that
fateful meeting in the hotel room.

The portrayal of the DMC-12 however was not as flattering. Three times in the film they trashed the car,
and the only time a DeLorean actually appeared on screen it was very obvious what was going to happen.
Certainly NOT good PR for the brand.

Re: Driven - Delorean Film

Verfasst: 5. Feb 2019, 06:28
von FrankL_2208
Ich will ja nicht pessimistisch sein aber das liest sich so, als hätten sie es auf seiner Auto-(haha)biographie basiert und der Fokus läge wieder einmal nur auf der Drogengeschichte...

Re: Driven - Delorean Film

Verfasst: 18. Mai 2019, 14:36
von balthes
Hier steht er kommt im August raus: ... 202617016/