Firestar 500

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Firestar 500

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eben auf DMCTALK gefunden bezüglich dem Firestar 500 ... link/page4

What we do know is that JZD had a plan to take the recovered stock of DMC-12 vehicle parts from KAPAC, and was going to build brand-new cars out of them. Kinda, sorta like what DMCH is doing now, except that this was to be a brand-new company with a new car that would simply utilize the DMC-12 platform instead of building the same DMC-12 model as seen in the past. I had heard that this project came very close to fruition, although I didn't know anything about parts in the Columbus warehouse, which seems odd. But out of 4 investors that this entire project hinged upon, one of them backed out due to a personal divorce, and with his funding removed, nothing moved forward. The other thing was that it was boasted that since the parts were already purchased out of bankruptcy, no moneys would be owed to the British Government, nor any of the DMC/DMCL creditors.

What is a bit murky and unproven on the other hand is this: C.R. "Dick" Brown (I believe) stated that his phone rang one night, and he heard crosstalk where was JZD on the phone with someone else talking about clearing out the entire Dunmurry factory. Parts, tooling, you name it, and wanted everything to be shipped to Panama. A last-ditch effort to same DMC where DMCL would be left holding the bag, and then a new Panamanian manufacturing facility would then instead supply DMC-12s, and the British Govt. couldn't do a thing to stop it. They would be untouchable.

How true that call was, we'll never know. It is simple hearsay. But, if true, does fit in quite nicely with what we do know. Since GPD was a Panamanian company that directed the financing between DMC & Lotus (as well as skimmed it for the missing cash amounts), DMC did already have a connection to Panama. If the conspiracy theory JZD's PI, Gordon Novel presented is true, tapping De Lorean's phones wouldn't be unheard of. Furthermore, if Brown's phone call was indeed true, well, that would also to a great extend validate the British response to DMC's collapse. Give Marvin Katz the option to continue manufacturing of the DMC-12 from the Brit-controlled Dunmurry Industrial Estate. An exclusive one which would allow the Brits to recover their investment while excluding JZD from the entire organization.

However, once Consolidated Intl. declined, everything not auctioned off which could be used to continue the production of the DMC-12 by JZD was to be destroyed. From the surplus of body panels, as well as the Kirksite dies which now sit at the bottom of Galway Bay. Lest the British Government be embarrassed further. If indeed true, no one could never admit anything of the sort because it would immediately give justification to the conspiracy theory that the Brits were someone involved with DMC's failure.

andere Info:
This is correct. There are a few members on here that have seen "other parts" in the Ohio warehouse
that may have been part of the early work done with the FireStar 500 project.

[delornut] is one member who may know part of the story. IIRC, there was a very interesting V8 engine
at the warehouse (with DMC embossed aluminum rocker arm covers, back in the day before most CNC).