Alpine als Vorbild

Alles rund um den DeLorean
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Alpine als Vorbild

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Hat aber ein paar Interessante Dinge drin die einen Delo Owner interessieren/unterhalten könnten:

Renault Alpine Owners Club

For Sale - Alpine A310 V6 DeLorean Engine Mule Chassis 45121

This car is one of 4 identical Alpine A310s ordered by the DeLorean Motor Company in 1978. All four cars were uniquely supplied to Belfast fitted with the fuel injected PRV engine specified for the DMC-12 and all finished in Gris Galaxie metallic with consecutive chassis numbers 45121, 45122, 45123 & 45124. DMC had retro fitted some earlier A310s with an injection engine but these four cars were supplied from the factory as special order fuel injected cars for test and evaluation of the final DeLorean engine specification by DMC and Lotus. All other Alpine A310 V6 built were carburettor cars.
45123 & 45124 were shipped to Legend Industries in Long Island and were used for the initial development of the twin turbo engine in 1980-81. 45123 still has its twin turbo engine while 45124 has been fitted with a normally aspirated engine. 45121 & 45122 remained in the UK for test use. You may have seen documentary footage and photos of the Gris Galaxie cars in the Lotus facility alongside the DeLorean and Esprit during the time of development.
45122 was recently discovered stored in a container and has now been mechanically restored and is back in use. 45121 was purchased as a barn find some years ago with the owner intended to carry out a full restoration. This is the car that is for sale. The owner has other Alpines and realises that he will not have the time to complete them all.
Although manufactured in 1978 45121 was not registered in GB until August 1981 after which time it was presumably sold off by DMC. It is believed to have carried a NI registration previously.
45121 has now been completely dismantled and the body separated from the chassis. The chassis has been blasted, repaired as necessary and power coated. A considerable amount of time has been spent to return it to its original condition.
The bodywork has been rubbed down to the original factory pink undercoat and there are no signs of any damage or repairs.
The car comes with two sets of seats. A contemporary set of black velour seats (one with harnesses) which are believed to have been for test use and a second set of original specification leather seats purchased by the vendor. The instruments, dashboard, heater controls and dash parts are all present.
All of the mechanical parts of the car have been stripped and some refurbished. The wishbones and springs have been blasted and powder coated. The steering rack has been refurbished and some new parts have been purchased including wheel bearings and tubular exhaust manifolds. Everything appears to be present and correct with the exception of one driveshaft which the vendor is sure that he will find.
The unique fuel injected engine and gearbox have been removed complete with the Bosch ECU and wiring loom.
All exterior panels are present. Two holes have been cut in the doors to allow access to the seized lock mechanisms but they are otherwise complete with glass and easily repairable.
The car is UK registered and comes with V5. It is over 40 years old and so is tax and MOT exempt.
Clearly the car will require some time, effort and expenditure to complete but is a unique example. One of the earlier retro fitted engine cars is currently advertised for sale at a dealer for £50k.
All of the parts photographed are included with the addition of the front and rear glass which are wrapped and stored separately for protection. The photo of the competed car is sister car 45122 to show how the 45121 will look when completed.
This is a unique opportunity to purchase a rare and historically interesting car. Offers are invited in the region of £12995.
If you would like any further information, more detailed photos or would like to view please contact me on 07956495773.
Car is located in Birmingham.
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Re: Alpine als Vorbild

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Hab von diesen Alpines noch nie was gehört 🫢